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Air Conditioning Repair – Los Angeles

Fixed cost air conditioning repair in Los Angeles keeps customers cool for less

For nearly anyone living in the Los Angeles area, or Southern California for that matter, air conditioning is high on the list of must-haves for staying comfortable during the summer months. Intense heat knows no bounds, and forgives no one. Whether you reside in a modern apartment building or an older home, or work in a commercial or industrial setting, staying cool is essential in Los Angeles. And without properly functioning air conditioning units, it can be a miserable time for everyone. Furthermore, air conditioning repair can be extremely costly for homeowners, and even more costly for property managers and building superintendents of commercial and industrial structures. It is estimated that the lifespan of a residential air conditioning unit is anywhere between 8 and 15 years (depending on the source), meaning that repair and replacement of such units is a likely scenario for anyone who has an AC system.

While not every strange noise or odd thermostat behavior spells doom, even minor fixes can command a lot of money. Parts are expensive, and so is the labor. Service calls can cost upwards of $150 just for the technician’s time. Factor in the severity of an air conditioning repair, and hundreds of dollars can quickly turn into thousands – often warranting a full replacement. Should repairs exceed 50% of the value of a unit, it’s often recommended to replace an air conditioning unit entirely. In any scenario, the result is the same: interrupted service, a lack of comfort, and an expensive bill. Fortunately, fixed cost service plans from AirCall are helping Los Angeles-area residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial customers stay on top of their air conditioning maintenance needs.

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AirCall Air Conditioning Benefits

Residential air conditioning repair

The days are long and the evenings are longer when the air conditioning stops working. From sleepless nights to cranky kids, keeping everyone happy in the sweltering indoor heat can be downright impossible. And in the midst of a hot spell, the last thing homeowners want is an AC system that fails or malfunctions. As luck would have it, AC failure can have the worst timing. Having an emergency air conditioning repair situation on your hands is rarely a planned expense, so preventative maintenance is critical no matter how old the unit is. Just moved into a new home? Thermostat not working properly? Suspect something isn’t right with your HVAC system? Lukewarm air blowing through the registers? Fixed cost monthly residential service plans cost just $29.99 per unit, per month for worry-free repair options and scheduled maintenance to keep your heating and cooling systems operating efficiently all year long. And yes, if there’s a residential air conditioning repair needed, AirCall will be there.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having certified in-house technicians properly troubleshoot and address urgent air conditioning issues, and who can also recommend future care and service activities to keep units in working order so repair needs are less frequent. The result? Less time worrying, optimal energy efficiency, and more money in the homeowner’s pocket.

Multi-family air conditioning repair

Among their many duties, property managers are tasked with keeping air conditioning systems in sound condition for their customers. Those customers might be short-term tenants across 30 vacation homes or renters in a multi-family dwelling of 150 residential units. In any event, cooling operations working as efficiently as possible is a major concern for property managers in Los Angeles.

Not only is it important to show tenants and customers that the property is well-maintained, it’s also important to save money on cooling costs during the hottest times of the year. Whether that savings is passed down to the tenants or goes toward the bottom line, it’s a win-win for all. Monthly service plans for air conditioning repair on multi-family dwellings cost just $29.99 per month per unit, and provide a minimum of two maintenance service calls per year to keep air conditioning systems from failing and requiring repairs that may have been prevented.

Commercial air conditioning repair customers

Imagine a high-rise building with 30 floors of office space. Now imagine there are four businesses on each floor, with an average of 10 staff members per business. That’s 1,200 employees on any given day who arrive to work under the pretense that they are safely sheltered from the elements outside. The reality is that the insufferable heat of summer makes indoor spaces highly coveted. When one (or more) of the many air conditioning units in a building of that size fails, it’s very much an emergency during the summer months. Like any emergency repair, there are elevated costs associated with the urgency that comes from having an expensive system stop working. In most cases, these lapses in cooling can be prevented. Is it the condenser? Something faulty with the thermostat? Perhaps an air duct or a filter has been compromised?

Whatever the case, it’s almost always bad news when the AC stops working, particularly when hundreds or even thousands of people depend on the comfort of an air conditioned office to conduct their business or get their work done. We’ve all been there: a visit to the doctor’s office, a sixth-floor bathroom, a conference room – it’s miserable to be in those places when the cooling systems fail. Preventative maintenance is a building manager’s best friend when it comes to ensuring that these types of interruptions in AC service never occur. Checking and testing components for efficiency will likely head-off any disasters down the road, meaning that it’s business-as-usual at the office – and that’s a good thing. Commercial fixed cost service plans for air conditioning systems cost just $39.99 per month per unit, and deliver the peace of mind that comes from having a service and repair partner that keeps the cool air flowing all summer long at a price that makes sense.

Cooling and air conditioning in the industrial space

Industrial cooling systems are as advanced as ever, with many models geared toward superior energy efficiency. Industrial building and factory premises contain activities spanning everything from manufacturing to altering to repairing to washing. Because many of these operations require a large amount of machinery, often running for long periods of time or at sustained high temperatures, proper cooling is absolutely essential to the safety and output of internal mechanics as well as the output of workers. Steel mills, food manufacturing, assembly lines, boat repair shops, and countless other operators across various industries rely on the efficiency of their cooling systems year-round. For $49.99 per month per unit, industrial air conditioning customers can hedge risk against potentially catastrophic and costly AC failure with regular service to keep operations running around the clock.

So the only question to ask when it comes to the air conditioning where you are is this: am I comfortable?

If the answer is ‘no,’ don’t worry. AirCall is the new way to stay cool and comfortable in Los Angeles. Download the AirCall app on iTunes and Google Play to sign up for affordable fixed cost monthly service plans, ensuring the scheduled maintenance your air conditioning units require, plus responsive professional in-house technicians available for emergencies.

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