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Is your local Los Angeles HVAC company doing prevenative maintenance?

As service continues to be the driving force among customers, the expectation for businesses to step up their commitment to consumer satisfaction keeps increasing. There is plenty of competition in the HVAC realm with companies offering a range of brands and prices and, often, widely varying definitions of what customer service should look like. The most reputable HVAC companies in Los Angeles are among the most responsive, consistent, and helpful in the industry. While prices indeed vary from HVAC company to HVAC company, customer service remains the key driver when it comes to retention (and positive word of mouth) in the HVAC repair sector. As with any service-based business, follow-up is an important part of elevating the customer experience. A customer can feel slighted by any number of reasons, including price, conduct of the technician, respect for the customer’s time, whether the problem was addressed and fixed or not, and responsiveness to phone calls, email, and social media messaging. Following up with customers offers the opportunity to gain crucial feedback throughout the service lifecycle. And for any HVAC company in Los Angeles offering a mobile app that makes it easy to deliver feedback, stay in touch, or otherwise improve how the customer and company communicate about service calls, their stock ultimately rises in the eyes of consumers. Today’s modern HVAC company wants to ensure that they are connecting with customers regularly and delivering value across service channels before, during, and after the sale. For the HVAC company who can’t do this, they’re going to hear about it. And not just over the phone or in person; those experiences can very well end up online in review forums, on the website, on industry pages, and elsewhere. Bad news spreads fast, and if your HVAC company isn’t doing enough to satisfy your time and budget requirements, there may be a better company out there to fulfill those needs and, in the process, make it easier to keep your HVAC systems an affordable priority.

Prioritizing efficiency

Energy efficiency still takes significant priority when it comes to HVAC systems, and the evolution of new products has given homeowners and building managers a range of ultra-efficient options to choose from – most of which are federally regulated to have an efficiency rating somewhere between 80% and 90% depending on the region. But more than just the technology has evolved; so, too, have the expectations of customers when it comes to working with HVAC installers and HVAC repair companies. The digital age has no doubt delivered fresh new ways of connecting businesses and consumers. Through SMS messaging, user-friendly apps, and a growing number of social media outlets, the communication gap between the two has never been narrower. HVAC companies that have stayed current with such digital trends have found ways to serve their customers that were never possible decades before. According to a 2016 article on HVAC industry trends by Brandon Gaille, many an HVAC company simply chooses to modernize their processes from a sales and service aspect, which has produced some significant shakeups in how conventional business is conducted in the HVAC realm. This includes:

  • Automating sales and service processes to keep prices competitive and trim customer acquisition costs
  • Offering smarter technology, including smartphone apps, which allow control of multiple systems from one device
  • Providing accurate measurement of building environments due to data mining and analytics
  • Using local HVAC repair contractors with their own software, SEO, widgets, and other online tools to reach area customers
  • Providing mobile solutions that help customers meet their needs via smartphones and tablets

The strategy for any HVAC company who wishes to stay ahead of the curve is to keep offering innovative solutions for residential and commercial customers while providing apps and software to give users control and simplicity when it comes to HVAC maintenance.

AirCall brings all of this and more to the table, with an array of benefits suited to every market.

The HVAC technician

Service with an HVAC company typically begins by dealing with the front office or sales staff online or over the phone, followed by the service call with the technician at a prearranged time and day. The cost you pay to the company is a reflection of the technician’s time and skills to conduct the scheduled service call and perform the inspection and/or repair. Unforeseen HVAC failure is a different animal altogether, and many companies can charge a premium for emergency repair during the evenings or weekends if the situation demands it. It’s important to find a local Los Angeles company that employs in-house technicians who are certified to work on your particular brand of HVAC system. At a minimum, a technician will need to perform several checks on HVAC equipment, not limited to the following:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Testing for refrigerant leaks
  • Capturing any excess refrigerant and disposing of properly
  • Inspecting for and sealing duct leakages in central systems
  • Measuring airflow coming through the evaporator coil
  • Verifying proper electric control sequence to ensure heating and cooling operate independently
  • Inspecting electric terminals, cleaning/fastening connections, applying non-conductive coating
  • Applying motor oil and inspecting belts for tension or wear
  • Testing the accuracy of thermostat and sensor location

For a complete overview of AirCall’s service plan, read the service agreement.

Value from your HVAC company

Most people and companies don’t set out to be swindled or taken advantage of when it comes to contractors. Generally believing that others will do what’s right leads us to trust that we will attract the best value for our dollar. But it doesn’t always happen. So how do we decide to spend our money? Hiring contractors can be an agonizing process – assembling quotes and trusting our gut instincts notwithstanding – and finding the right team to do the job oftentimes feels inherently risky somehow. Aside from consumer reviews that pervade the internet, which in all its glory is intended to expose the good and not-so-good, the key is finding a company that is transparent.

Do they make it easy to connect with? Are they being upfront about their terms? Do they provide accurate pricing with no surprises? Are they being steadfast when it comes to completing the work within your timeline? If so, you’ve found the holy grail of contractors: a business you value that is honest and reliable. Taking care of the customer seems to be more the exception than the rule these days, but have no fear – great companies are out there. Like AirCall. With a fixed cost pricing structure and a user-friendly app, AirCall is the new way to stay cool and comfortable in Los Angeles. Download on iTunes and Google Play, and get worry-free scheduled maintenance from certified in-house technicians on your time.

See any of AirCall’s HVAC maintenance and service plans below:

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