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HVAC Repair – Los Angeles

Los Angeles HVAC repair: it’s all about service

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, collectively known as HVAC, are an absolute requirement for any new building construction today. While building codes have changed throughout the decades, so have the implementations of HVAC systems. Most homes have been retrofitted with air conditioning and heating systems purely as a result of the building’s age, whether involving a completely new system to bring outdated HVAC up to code, or adding in an air conditioning or forced air heating system to an older home with previous baseboard heating and no AC. Whatever the case may be, keeping heating and cooling operations running uninterrupted requires a trusted HVAC repair and maintenance partner.

In the greater Los Angeles area, it’s no surprise that hundreds of HVAC contractors are in business. Not only does the sheer population play into this figure, but ultimately the year-round warm climate creates significant ongoing need for HVAC repair service in Los Angeles. According to Angie’s List, a popular web resource for finding qualified and well-vetted home contractors, there are 160 “top-rated HVAC contractors” in the Los Angeles market. Perhaps more telling are the 1,200 other HVAC contractors in Los Angeles that are to be “avoided” or who presumably have less-than-stellar feedback on the same service criteria.

Growing confidence in online reviews among PC and mobile users means that companies today are as transparent as ever – whether they like it or not. Any company that can embrace this reality and treat their customers with respect and care can earn loyalty for life. On the other hand, a lesser HVAC company who buckles under the vulnerability that comes from bad internet exposure may end up alienating a significant portion of their customer base, and make people look elsewhere for a more reputable contractor. Forward-thinking HVAC repair companies in Los Angeles and beyond are looking for opportunities to bring value to consumers in ways that haven’t been done before.

Being “progressive” isn’t a term that’s widely used, if at all, when discussing the HVAC industry. But companies looking to push beyond the limits of what’s standard are likely to find a willing customer base eager to gain more value from their HVAC repair company. It isn’t just about dealing with a company in person or over the phone anymore; it’s about emails, social media connection, and using meaningful value-added mobile technologies that make it easier for customers to maintain the integrity and longevity of their HVAC units.

AirCall brings HVAC repair and maintenance into the 21st century with a mobile app and a simple, digestible flat monthly rate that fits into every budget and building. Here’s a great overview video for AirCall, or watch below.

Trends and Innovations in HVAC

As illustrated in a recent article by Brandon Gaille, the future of HVAC repair will hinge upon a number of fascinating evolutions with regard to new product development as well as the changing tides of the construction industry. The following points were taken directly from the website, and highlight important details about HVAC expenses and how to maximize efficiencies:

  • Electronic air cleaners are 40x more efficient than a standard filter you would throw away to remove unwanted particles from the air.
  • Rightsizing, system updating, and types of refrigerant used can significantly improve HVAC efficiency.
  • Variable speed heat pumps can help to trim monthly costs by up to 40% for homeowners.
  • Proper insulation for a home or building on its own can improve HVAC efficiencies by up to 30%.
  • 75% of the utility costs of a home come from power that is used for home electronics that are being kept in a “standby” or “off position,” including HVAC equipment.
  • Heating and air conditioning are two of the three most common expenditures for building owners today.
  • A properly maintained air conditioning system will last 10-15 years, depending on the manufacturer and if it was properly installed.
  • Some filters need to be changed every 2-3 months at minimum to maintain the efficiency of an HVAC system, which helps to fuel ongoing supportive revenues for the industry.
  • Ductless HVAC systems could come to represent up to 15% of the total industry revenues in the next 5 years.

Common HVAC repair issues

There are a number of situations that typically call for professional help when it comes to repairing HVAC systems. Under most circumstances, customers experience one of the following as it relates to their AC: inadequate maintenance, refrigerant leaks, drainage problems, electrical control failure, or sensor problems. Some of these problems are mechanical, and some are electrical.

By and large, any mechanical or electrical issue can be resolved through proper maintenance at regular and consistent intervals. Coils become dirty. Fans wear out. Drainage tubes malfunction. Sensors get out of position. Compressors fail. Corrosion happens. Plenty can go wrong with a system as rugged, robust, and complex as HVAC – whether that’s in a home environment or in a commercial building.

Out-of-sight-out-of-mind is never a good strategy for homeowners and building managers to adopt, and failing to regularly keep up with preventative maintenance is unwise. Any HVAC repair company worth its weight in Los Angeles will be quick to illustrate the risks of skipping out on routine maintenance checks. It’s only a matter of time before minor issues develop into a major (and entirely preventable) emergency repair situation.

AirCall heads off the inevitable problem of scheduling maintenance work yourself – everything is automated through the app. Simply approve the scheduling notification, or request a different time and day.

Who to call

Let’s face it: no one plans for their HVAC systems to fail them. Whether it’s due to the unit’s age, technician error, faulty equipment, an earthquake, or unmitigated wear from lack of maintenance, the outcome is always the same: you need to connect with a company that can save your system and do so affordably. Enter a new way of maintaining your HVAC systems: AirCall.

Based in Van Nuys, California, Based in Van Nuys, California, AirCall is a new company that is backed by experienced, industry professionals with over 30 years in the HVAC industry. AirCall offers fixed cost HVAC service to customers throughout Orange, San Gabriel, and Los Angeles counties. Easy-to-budget maintenance is just a swipe and a tap away with the AirCall mobile app, allowing residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial customers to effortlessly manage their HVAC units from their tablet or smartphone.

Whether it’s a singular home unit or a complex industrial cooling system, scheduling twice-yearly maintenance service with certified in-house technicians has never been this easy. Saving money on monthly energy costs, preserving your HVAC systems, minimizing emergency lapses in service, and maximizing comfort are just a few reasons why fixed cost monthly plans through AirCall are the way to go. Roll the dice on selecting one of the hundreds of HVAC companies in the LA area, or simply sign up with AirCall – the next generation of HVAC repair in Los Angeles.

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